Built To Make Easier Investing In Defi

0xxAI is a project that provides tools to make quicker investing decisions, as 0xxAI token is used in the eco-system to get access to AI tools along with 0xxAI (Ethereum Names)

0xxAI Ethereum Names

Provider of crypto domains, offering affordable Ethereum domains that are seamlessly integrated into the blockchain and cryptocurrency wallets. Our domains can even be sold in the secondary market as a unique and valuable NFT. Join us in revolutionizing the world of decentralized finance with our innovative domain solutions.

Taxes Distribution


3% - Funding marketing operations to keep project running.


1% - Operating expenses, designers and developers.


1% - To be used on community competitions, giveaways, and referral bot competitions.

0xxAI Use Cases

Locked LP AI Picks

AI Bot is picking safe profitable recent locked tokens for tokens holders.

AI Tokens Picks

AI Bot is picking safe profitable recent launched for tokens holders.

0xxAI EN

Ethereum Name provider that can be used in the blockchain and wallets, as well as getting access to AI Bots.


Getting the access to the DAO in order to make project more decentralized.

Buy $0xxAI, The Native Token of 0xxAI Protocol

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